Dusty the Kid's Homepage!

Welcome to the official homepage of Dusty the Kid (Real name: Rev. Dustin M. Shappee, R.R.C.X.); Traveling Worker, Show-Man, Odd-Job Do-Er, Hermeticist, Reverend, Laughing Madcap, Last Cowboy, Latter-Day Tom Sawyer, Freeman on the Land, and Friend!

This site is currently being worked on, and I am quite sorry about that. My hunch is you probably found this site since I linked it to ya, in which case you're probably my new-found friend (even if you are a business contact). Else, you found it though a web crawler, in which case, welcome to my part of the Net!

Please allow me to tell you about myself

I think of myself as the All-American kid, trying to be the polymath of old. I think of myself as a last cowboy. I ride from town to town, looking for where the grapes of wrath are stored. I feel like an old country boy and my friends tell me my assertion is true.

I am a Neo-Luddite, which is why you won't find me on many of the "Social Media" platforms, and I rarely use the computer. Regardless, I see how the Internet inter-connects people, as well as having the convince of having all my opinions easily assessable. That way I could just say "read this, I wrote an article on it."

I frequently live outside, and I love to travel. I'm never in one permanent place, though don't let that make you think I am pompous, ignorant, or a defector. Pleasr don't think this means I'm edgy. I just love to see this great country of ours, and I love to be active.

My three goals

I have three long-term goals for myself. These are, in their simplified form:

  1. Get a Ham Radio License and Station
  2. Get a Pilot's License
  3. Get a Homestead that is (at least) 2 acres and begin to farm

I realize these goals take long to accomplish, and I acknowledge the step-by-step processes involved. Each goal has unlimited potential as well. Imagine it, if you may? The first has me start Technician Class, get to Commercial, start a whole prodution with the radio. The second will let me fly in a single engine, then a double engine, then a jet, then commercial. And the third? Isn't that the American Dream!

My Beliefs

I am a Hermeticist. We're the people who think the whole universe is thought. It's complex to explain to a novice, but I am close to what you'd (probably) know to be a Neo-Pegan (as in, Odinist). This is just a comparison though, and I am not of that particular faith. In specifics, I am a member of what is technically the "New Thought" movement, which is a latter-day interpretation. A good book to try to understand this is The Kyballion written under the pseudony "The Three Initiates". This is essentially my religion.

As for societal beliefs, I am a member of the National Alliance, an organization dedicated to restoring national pride, and the spiritual essence of my own people. You can look them up and assume what you may. They are similar in activity to the NRA, though they are not Gun-Centric. It's hard to explain the specifics of our activities, but the long and short of it is we're an advocacy group.

I believe in A.T.W.A. This is an acronym for Air, Tree, Water, Animals&slash;All the Way Alive. This is a philosophy that is not only environmentalist, but believes in the avoidance of waste, and the truth that if man returns to simpler life, he will wake-up and be all the way alive. It is man in his natural state. A.T.W.A. also rejects the Neo-Hoffmanite commie bunk, and the Global Warming hoax. We believe in truths, and natural states of being. "Return to the Horse" ol' Charlie wanted. I agree!

I also believe very strongly in the beliefs of the Unabomber, though I am not of his ideology "Anarcho-Primitivism". Rather, I am a National Socialist. Combining the two with the lovely David Lane, you have the truths to life.

Besides all the technical terms and book-speak (harr harr), I am a pretty fun guy! All the people I know tell me I am the strangest, yet funnest and craziest guy they'll meet! I am a Madcap, Ace Ventura, Willy Wonka, and an Aries! Am I bullshitting? Send me a letter, or take me to lunch. Then you may be the judge.

Contact info

Anyways... here's my contact info.

Since I rarely use the computer, or the Television (and this due to my ethical and political beliefs) I may not be able to be contacted at all hours of the day and night, but if I'm working for you, I will never stray too far. I can be contacted on this site (that is SDF) if you know how. The more technical-inclined would be able to figure this out. I accept talk requests, emails, I am in the BBoard, and I am also in Usenet. I previously used Usenet under a pseudonym but have abandoned it.

People tell me that I sound older and more mature than I am. Probably don't in this website, but please forgive as I wrote this under the guidence of my friend Jack Daniels. Sometimes he's a proud man, and sometimes he's a bit of a bitch. I think he's being the latter in this case.